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Universal Geneve “22522” Film Compax


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Produced by Universal in the 1940s, the Film Compax, a watch that has achieved almost legendary “unicorn” status amongst collectors and fans, features a chrongraph scale unlike any other – the filmometer. The black outer ring is calibrated for the number of feet of 35mm film used, which was considered the “professional” standard for motion pictures of the era. With the standard exposure rate of 24 frames per second, filming consumed 1.5 feet of film per second. So for example, while shooting a 30-second long scene, it would indicate 45 feet of 35mm film was used. The inner red ring indicates the number of feet of less costly 16mm film, which consumed 0.6 feet of film per second.  This watch was produced in incredibly low quantities, and only a few have been known to survive/are known to the market.

This Film Compax is in nice vintage condition.  The case appears unpolished, with original beveled edges, and no wear to the sides of the case whatsoever.  The dial shows wear consistent with age, but is overall in great condition for its age.

Only a handful of these incredible watches have ever come to market, and gauging when the next will pop up is next to impossible.

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Cal. 287


Stainless Steel




Chronograph, Time


Universal Geneve Film Compax, Ref. 22522