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Tudor “Serpico Y Laino 7928” Submariner



Montres Tudor SA has designed, manufactured and marketed Tudor watches since March of 1946. Rolex founder Hans Wildorf created Tudor to create a product for authorized Rolex dealers at a cheaper price than Rolex, while still offering the same quality product as a Rolex.  Offered here, we have an extremely rare opportunity to own one of the rarest vintage Tudor Submariners produced.  This particular example dates to 1964, bearing the reference 7928; however, what sets this 7928 apart from your ordinary fare is the fact that it was co-signed and sold by the retailer “Serpico Y Laino”, from Caracas, Venezuela.  At present, only 3 or 4 Serpico 7928s have surfaced/are known, and this is by far the best and most original example of the few out there.

This Tudor Submariner is in amazing vintage condition.  The case is razor sharp and unpolished, with beautifully beveled original edges, and still proudly and prominently displaying the “S&L Acero” engraving on the outside of the caseback (these engravings were done on all Serpico-retailed Rolex/Tudor, and most have been polished or worn off over the years).  The dial is gorgeous, with no major flaws, chips, or scratches.  Further, the original tritium lume is still present on both the dial and hands, aged to a pumpkin color on the dial, and aging more green/black on the hands (which is common for this model, and a strong indicator of the originality of the piece).  The original and period-correct “Long 5” bezel insert is likewise in great condition, with minimal wear.

The watch comes fitted on its original Rolex Swiss Rivet 7206 bracelet, with 80 endlinks, dated to 1964, and has 11 full links with very light stretch.

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Stainless Steel