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Tudor “Big Crown 7924” Submariner



Up for grabs is a very special and extremely rare watch from Tudor – the “Big Crown” Submariner, reference 7924, circa 1958.  The 7924 was the sister “Big Crown” to Rolex’s reference 6538, only produced in much smaller quantities (the Big Crown Submariner can be seen across three different Rolex references, and only one for Tudor, produced for a one year period).  The reference 7924 was made at the request of French divers, who needed more robust watch that was easier to operate; further, the 7924 had a depth rating of 200m, double what the “Small Crown” reference 7922 variants were capable of.  This particular Tudor “Big Crown” Submariner was uncovered several years ago, bought by us directly from the original owner based out of California.  According to him, he and his brother each bought one (with sequential serial numbers), and he wore his off-and-on over the years, which is clear based on the condition.

This incredible Tudor Submariner remains in exceptional vintage condition, very well-preserved and 100% original as it left the factory.  The case remains unpolished and sharp, with factory beveled edges, and crisp “Stainless Steel” and “Oyster by Rolex” engravings on the outside of the caseback.  The dial likewise remains extremely well-preserved, with no marks, scratches, or major wear.  Further, the watch retains its original radium lume on both dial and hands, aged to a lovely yellow color.  Still in tact, the watch retains its original (and highly sought after in its own right) “Red Triangle” bezel and insert, with minimal wear.  Finally, this Tudor Submariner remains on its original Rolex Swiss stretch-rivet “Big Logo” bracelet, dated to 1959, another “impossible to find” part, which itself remains in amazing condition, with 11 full links and no stretch.

This may be one of nicest — if not the nicest — Tudor “Big Crown” Submariners in existence, and a rare opportunity to own an amazing piece of Tudor/Rolex history.

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Cal. 390


Stainless Steel






Tudor Submariner, Ref. 7924

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