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Heuer “3H Bund” Chronograph


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Up for grabs is a Heuer Bundeswehr, which was a pilot’s military watch designed by Heuer during the 1960-1970s for use in aviation.  These watches were issued for pilots in the air forces of many nations (including the Italian Air Force, under the brand Leonidas) but primarily for use by the Luftwaffe of West Germany. This example dates to the 1960-1970s due to the “3H” on the dial, signifying the luminescent material on the numerals being tritium.  This Heuer Bund is in excellent condition.  The case is unpolished, with original bevels still visible.  The dial is immaculate, with no damage or wear; likewise, the lume is in great condition, still present on both hands and dial, aged to a pale yellow.  The caseback is correctly engraved with issue numbers, and fitted on a matching-issue “bund”-style strap.

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