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Blancpain “NOS” Bathyscape Diver


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In attempts to appeal to the “civilian” crowd, Blancpain produced a smaller line (34mm and 37mm) of dive watches under the “Bathyscape” moniker. A bathyscape is self-propelled deep-sea submarine, and Blancpain used this smaller-dive watch line to differentiate them from the Fifty Fathoms when sold in various retail shops directly to consumers.

This model, in the more desirable 37mm case, features a slate grey dial, a date function, and their trademark “bakelite” bezel. The example offered today is in extremely mint condition, with an unpolished case which still retains its protective wax on the back, as when it left the Blancpain factory. The dial is incredible, with no wear; likewise, the original tritium lume is fully in-tact on both dial and hands, aged to a golden yellow/orange color.  Also, the bakelite bezel, known to crack easily, is without damage or wear.

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