Blancpain “Fifty Fathoms Aqualung” Diver


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In the early 1950s, an elite unit of the French Navy, responsible for their own diving equipment and not satisfied with any of the current diving watches on the market, set out to make their own watch that they deemed suitable for diving, known as the “Frogmen”. The result was an inevitable partnership with Blancpain for the creation of the watch we know as the Fifty Fathoms.

The example offered here today is a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, retailed by the dive equipment outlet, “Aqualung”.  The watch is fitted with the popular “3-6-9-12” dial layout.  The watch itself is in nice vintage condition.  The case has never been polished, and retains its original finish.  The dial shows normal wear from use, with some dulling of the original gloss lacquer, and is still very attractive.  The original radium lume is present on the dial, aged to a golden yellow; the hands have been professionally color matched to the dial.  The bakelite bezel has a very attractive and unique look, obviously used and aged as intended, and has only one major crack at the triangle at 12 o’clock, which is more often than not the case with these bezels.

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