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Patek Philippe “1415” World Time



The Patek Philippe World Time, reference 1415 HU, is a very special watch, produced for a short time from 1939 to 1954, of which only 82 examples are known in yellow gold.  These watches were fitted with large bezels, displaying various cities, allowing the wearer to set the time and subsequently be able to tell the time in said city; the cities displayed would differ depending on the final market destination the watch was sold to, ranging from 28 cities in 1939 and up to 42 cities in the 1950s.  The present example was likely produced in the mid 1940s, but an Extract of the Archives has been ordered, and will be provided with the sale.

The condition of this Patek Philippe World Time is excellent.  The case has been previously polished, but retains thick and even lugs, with no change in the shape of the distinct tear-drop lugs.  Further, the original dial is extremely well-preserved, with no visible damage or major wear.

A true rarity, these early Patek world timers are adorned by collectors, and do not come to market very often!

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