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Enicar Pre-Sherpa Graph Chronograph


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The Enicar Sherpa Graph, worn and popularized by the racing driver Jim Clark, have EXPLODED in popularity. In fact, exploded may be an understatement. Prices have seemingly quadrupled overnight, and collectors are racing (no pun intended) to snatch them up.

For some spectacular reading on them, head on over here.

The watch offered today is NOT a Sherpa Graph, but a predecessor to it. Made in the 1950s, it features many similar design traits, including a similar dial, hands, and movement to the Sherpa Graphs. This watch houses a two-tone dark grey and black dial, which is in mint condition. The hands, similar to those on the Sherpa Graph, are original and in great condition. The gold-plated case is also in great shape, and retains all of its plating. This watch is also powered by the legendary Valjoux 72 movement.

The prices of Enicar, and specifically, the Sherpa Graphs, are on a crazy rise. Get this early (and more rare) Sherpa Graph for a literal fraction of the cost.

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