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Rolex “Full-Set 16710 Chuck Yeager” GMT-Master II



On October 14, 1947 Air Force Captain Chuck Yeager (1923) became the first man to travel faster than the speed of sound, when his Bell X-1 experimental plane flew over the Mojave Desert at Mach 1. Throughout his long and illustrious career Brigadier General Yeager has been known to wear a Rolex watch and in 1947 he wore his Rolex Oyster Perpetual wristwatch. He was so impressed with the durability of the watch that a few years following the event, Yeager sent a signed autograph image of the Bell X-1 and himself to Hans Wilsdorf, and 60 years later Rolex featured Yeager in an advertisement as a testament to his exceptional career. (Credit:

The present reference 16710 GMT-Master is a 1997 limited edition made of 50 examples by the Japanese firm (allegedly 50 made for the reference 16700, and 50 for the reference 16710), The Real McCoy’s in honor of the 40th anniversary of Yeager’s outstanding feat. The customized Real McCoy’s examples feature a dial with a red “Chuck Yeager” printed above “GMT-Master II”, and the case back has been engraved “General Chuck E. Yeager P-51 X-1 The Real McCoy’s”.

This Rolex GMT-Master II remains in excellent condition, with an unpolished case, and overall seemingly very sparingly (if much ever) worn/used.  The watch comes complete with its original Rolex box, “The Real McCoy’s” Chuck Yeager Warranty Certificate, and booklets/accessories, as sold by the store.

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