Wittnauer Chronograph

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Wittnauer was founded in America in 1885 by a swiss immigrant named Albert Wittnauer. Wittnauer enjoys a rich tradition in the watch world. They have strong ties to Longines, whom bought Wittnauer in 1950. Some of Wittnauer’s achievements include the creation of the first waterproof, shock-proof and anti-magnetic watch, and they even helped Commander Richard E. Byrd navigate the first flight over the North Pole in 1926.

The watch being offered today is a 40mm, Valjoux 7733 powered chronograph, very similar to their Landeron-driven “Professional” Chronograph (reference 7004a). This watch has a cleaner, more-bare bones dial layout, and features straight, thick lume hands. This example is all-original and in mint condition, with a super clean dial, a near-immaculate bezel, and a beefy, unpolished case. Oh, and let us not forget the killer, matching patina. These watches have seen a large increase in price as of late, so grab yours while they are still accessible!

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