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Universal Geneve Reverse Panda Tri-Compax



When you get your hands on great, complicated, vintage watches, chances are they’ll be quite ornate, with several dressier touches. Typically, some of the aesthetic details you’re bound to see include narrow, smooth bezels, so-called “fancy lugs”, minimalistic silver dials, and other such facets. You get the idea. What we have here today contradicts that school of thinking, and then some. Brace yourselves.

The 1960s Universal Geneve Tri-Compax with acrylic tachymeter bezel needs no introduction. Without a doubt, this piece represents one of the more “blue chip” purchase you can make inside the realm UG, and we certainly aren’t gonna argue with that. It’s been revered for its perfectly proportioned dial, chunky, pragmatic chronograph pushers, and overall sports-driven design. After a simple glance at this UG, you’ll get all the hype. And it’s no surprise these seem to grow in price by the day.

The example offered today is in excellent vintage condition. The dial is in great condition, with no chips, scratches, pitting, or spotting. The moonphase disk has retained it’s shine, and the lume plots are still in tact, with only a couple turning slightly brown. The tachy bezel has seen some damage, but is in nice shape, as most of these are completely destroyed. The case on this example is also unpolished.

These tri-compax are maybe the hottest UGs on the planet next to the Nina, and have become a focal point of many collections. Good examples are becoming EXTREMELY scarce, so grab yours now!

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Stainless Steel




Day, Date, Month, Chronograph, Moonphase