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Universal Geneve NOS Unisonic



When weÕre trying to track down watches for to offer in our inventory, itÕs all about finding something that has the Òwow factorÓ, so to speak. For a watch to be visually stimulating is one thing, but to be captivating and desirable from both a visual and mechanical standpoint is ultimately what we strive to source. This Universal Geneve certainly meets and exceeds both the requirements of such criteria, and is sure to bring a smile to your face. We like to think of the watch-triggered smile as the ultimate indication of true horological lust.

One of our most favourite aspects of this watch is the movement inside the beautifully crafted, stainless steel case. For those that know UG, theyÕll be able to guess that it features an automatic micro-rotor movement, and theyÕd be right in thinking so. Here at Menta Watches, we really like the fact that UniversalÕs powered by these movements are still relatively affordable, as you just donÕt find modern micro-rotor pieces at prices anywhere near this.

Due to the style and detailing on the case, we believe this example was produced during the 1970Õs, as certain design elements on this piece are characteristic of this time period. Looking back, this was an exciting time in watchmaking history, though at the same time, riddled with great uncertainty. The original owner of this piece was obviously optimistic about the future, as they kept all the original tags, boxes, strap, papers, and promotional materials that were included with the watch. Surely, this makes the piece considerably more attractive to a seasoned collector.

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