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Universal Geneve “Full-Set” Polerouter Sub



Up for grabs is a museum-quality 2nd Execution Universal Geneve Polerouter Sub. This Polerouter Sub comes as a complete, “full” set, with the original box and papers, and fitted on the original stainless steel, Universal Geneve-signed Gay Freres bracelet, virtually unworn.

This Universal Geneve Polerouter Sub is in incredible condition. The case is unpolished and untouched. The dial and bezel are flawless, with no wear or aging present. The original lume in the dial and hands is completely in tact, and has aged perfect and absolutely even to a golden patina color.

According to the previous owner, this watch sat in a safe for most of its life, spanning several decades of his ownership. It is likely this was never worn out of the house or longer than a couple of minutes on the wrist by anyone, and I would not hesitate to call this the best example of this watch in the world.

Please Note: It is likely that this model is a “transitional” model, as the hands used here on traditionally seen on the MK1 Polerouter Sub. ÊHowever, these hands were born with this watch, as the patina and “glow” from the lume completely and unequivocally matches, and further, the movement shows absolutely no signs of wear, suggesting it has never been serviced/touched (which would be required in order to change the hands). ÊFor further discussion, please contact us.

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