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Universal Geneve Aero-Compax



This one is a limited re-edition made by Universal Geneve in the 1990s of their iconic Aero-Compax line. The aero-compax was a special watch: it was a true, 24-hour chronograph made for pilots. Made in the 1960s, UG wrote that “[t]he 24 Hour Compax, created in 1969 by Universal Geneve was an instant success with pilots thanks to its unique system that allowed users to read time in a second time zone based on the distance travelled.”

From the UG catalog: “The latest version of the 24 Hour Compax presented at Basel 1998 is a replica of the original 1969 version with its unidirectional turning bezel graduated 1 to 24 hours. The timepiece reflects the spirit of the original watch and possesses the same sober design and unique characteristics. The current version has been enhanced using the technology of our times.

Other than the usual chronograph functions, the 24 Hour Compax has the originality of a 24 hour dial hence its name. Time is read not on a twelve hour dial but on a 24 hour dial which implies an added complication to the movement. Furthermore the unidirectional bezel is engraved with a 24-hour clock i.e. from one to twenty-four. This special bezel indicates the time in the second time zone.

The 24 Hour Compax is available with a hand-winding UG 82 movement, stainless steel case, ivory or black dial with Arabic numbers, sapphire crystal, crocodile leather strap and a fold-over buckle.”

The watch we are offering you here is in mint, original condition. At 41mm, the watch wears more in line with modern trends, and has a great presence. And at a fraction of the hefty prices the 60’s Aero-Compaxes are commanding, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Stainless Steel




Chronograph, 24 hour