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Zodiac Reverse-Panda Chronograph


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Zodiac was registered in 1908, although having ties dating back to the 1500s to the Calame family of watchmakers. In 1982, Zodiac merged with Zenith, and to this day, is respected as a premier manufacturer.

The present example draws major comparisons to the popular Heuer Carrera, and features a mint black “reverse-panda” dial, and an unpolished steel case (many of these were housed in chrome-plated cases). The lume on the dial is gorgeous and has aged to a golden orange hue, with all lume plots in tact. It appears that the hands have been relumed at some point long ago. The watch distinctively also features an uncommon date window at 6 o’clock.

These watches have seen a huge boost over the past couple years, and their values are continually rising. This watch represents major value – similar models from Heuer can cost 3-4x as much!

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