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Universal Geneve “Asymmetrical” Polerouter Sub


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There are countless iconic diver watches. Open up instagram, take a stroll on South Beach (yay Miami reference!), or turn on the TV, and you are bound to find a Rolex Submariner on someone’s wrist. I’m not saying there is ANYTHING wrong with the tried-and-true dive watches that are so popular in vintage watch collecting. But I am saying that after seeing them over-and-over, it’s nice to change the pace a bit.

Listen, we all know the Universal Geneve market has been ON FIRE as of late; collectors (myself included) can’t snatch them up fast enough. However, there are still some UG models that are still relatively unmolested by the collecting masses. I’m talking about the Polerouter Sub.

Often housing an in-house microrotor Cal. 69 movement, they all have design traits that scream awesome, regardless of the execution. This one has a so-called “art deco” dial and an “asymmetrical” case (notice how the crown-side of the case protrudes out). These are steadily rising in popularity, and value, so strike while the iron is hot (before a certain collector from Chicago snatches them all up)!

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