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Tradition “Poor Man’s Heuer” Panda Chronograph


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The “Poor Man’s Heuer” denotes a watch manufactured by Heuer, often bearing a striking resemblance to a blue-chip Heuer model (e.g., the Carrera or Camaro), yet retailed under a different name, and sold at a discount from an actual Heuer. This watch was sold by Sears Roebuck under the Tradition name brand. These watches have soared in popularity and collectability right along side their Heuer kindred.

The example offered here is in dead mint condition. We hesitate to call it “NOS”, but it is very close. The case is unpolished and free from any noticeable marks. The dial is perfect, and all of the original lume is present and in-tact, aging to a golden color.

If you are in the market for a nice panda chronograph, which it seems includes the entire vintage world, you won’t find a better example than this one!

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