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Gallet Mulitchron “Decimal” Chronograph


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This very rare Gallet “Decimal” chronograph was produced in the 1950s in order to properly time sporting events, medical examinations or other scientific experiments. On this watch, the outer-scale (in red) helps the wearer divide time in to 1/100s of a minute, and not the normal 1/60s.

Inside, the watch houses the celebrated EP4 (Excelsior Park) movement. On the outside, we have an original, mint dial with gorgeous blued hands. I’m sure what struck you the most was that cream color. Well, it wasn’t always like that. It started off white, and aged to a golden cream-patina color. I think if you looked up “patina” in the dictionary, you may even find this exact watch.

Added bonus: it comes with the original coffin-style box. A must-have for any serious vintage watch enthusiast.

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