Racine (Gallet) NOS Chronograph

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Racine is another one of those watch manufacturers with ties back to the 1700s. The Racine family was well known for centuries for their connection and advancement of horology. Formed in 1870, Jules Racine – a cousin of the Gallet brothers – formed the Racine watch company, and he and his cousins often worked together to bring watches to markets other than Switzerland. The brands were all so incestuous that in 1914, members of the Racine family, not being able to use the trademarked Racine name, formed “Enicar” which was just Racine spelled backwards.

The chronograph we offer today we believe was one such watch that Jules Racine and the Gallet brothers brought to the American market. It is in NOS condition, and features a large 40mm case and a beefy, thick case. Inside, it is powered by a Gallet signed, unadjusted Valjoux 7736 movement. The reverse panda layout is striking, and for the money, we can’t think of many better “bangs for your buck”!

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