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Jaeger LeCoultre “Gilt” Memovox



Accessible complicated watches really aren’t what they used to be. Today, you can easily find chronographs and maybe some triple dates in the affordable, modern mechanical range, but to get a SOLD of something truly exciting requires much deeper pockets. This here, is just another reason why we love collecting vintage watches. Way back when, the visionary minds over in Switzerland were cooking up some pretty interesting complicated watches, and while they mightÕve been something that one wouldÕve saved up for, they werenÕt out of the question for the average person. One such complication that we saw in the watches of several notable brands, was the mechanical alarm – which we now seldom see in modern applications. Of all the alarm-equipped wristwatches of the golden age, one always seems to come to mind, and this of course is the Memovox from Jaeger LeCoultre.

After being made in several variants over the years, the Memovox quickly became one of JLCÕs most aesthetically and more so mechanically iconic pieces. We trust that upon first glance you can easily see why, but the magic truly reveals itself once the alarm is triggered. The satisfaction that one gets from winding up the alarm, and then hearing it buzz and ring out like an older motorbike of sorts is a small, yet impactful reminder of why we love these watches. JaegerÕs Memovox movement was used in many applications, both dressy and sporty, which is just another reason why collectors love them. ItÕs a classic by all definitions of the word, thatÕll surely bring a smile to the face of anyone that appreciates horology.

The Memovox we offer you today is a Reference E855 from the 1960s. At first glance, it seems like any other Memovox currently on the market, right? Well, this example has a little something extra special. Take a look at the top of the dial – the “Jaeger LeCoultre – Automatic” signature is printed in gold, or “gilt, as opposed to the normal silver or white print. This configuration is EXTREMELY rare, and very seldom seen. The last to be offered publicly was in 2011 by Christie’s. It is unlikely you will find another any time soon.

This Memovox is also in all-original, unpolished condition. The dial is in great condition, only missing some of the original lume plots at the numerals.

Oh and did we mention that this watch comes COMPLETE? Yes, you read correctly. Go look at the pictures. We have the ORIGINAL outer box, inner box, warranty book and warranty card (not filled), and instructional manual. We ALSO have the original JLC signed “guy freres” stainless steel bracelet.

Here is your chance to own one of the rarest Memovox ever produced, accompanied by all the trimmings the day it left the store in the 1960s.

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