Blancpain Fifty Fathoms “No Radiations” Diver


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Up for grabs is an incredibly rare and early Blancpain Fifty Fathoms diver, made for the civilian market, dubbed the “No Radiations” model, used to designate to the wearer that the luminous material was not radioactive.  This specific example is the 249th No Radiations example produced by Blancpain (the “No Rads” started with serial 300000; the serial on this watch is 300249).  The first batch of 300 “No Rads” are considered prototypes, with a pointed 4 bezel, yellow color “No Radiations” symbol (later models would change to lime-green), and different case design than the later models, as the first batch of No Rads were prone to flooding, as they were not properly designed for waterproofing.

The present example is in good vintage condition.  The case is unpolished and in great shape.  As discussed above, the early No Rads were not designed properly for wateproofing, and most examples that have resurfaced to the market have “flooded” dials; this example is no different.  The dial has moisture damage, and the dial appears “bubbled”.  Further, the original lume has washed off, leaving just white plots on the dial.  The pointed 4 bezel shows three small cracks, consistent with the aging and fragility of most bakelite bezels; this bezel has aged an incredible blue color, never before seen on any Blancpain Fifty Fathoms.

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