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Honestly, there’s not much we can tell you about this “anonymous” or “sterile” dial watch, because there’s not a lot we know. What we do know, is that during the hey-day decades of vintage chronographs (aka, the 1940s-1970s), many manufacturers sourced parts, cases, movements, dials, etc., from the same manufacturers, and many watchmakers were putting out watches with name and brand-less dials.

This one here is powered by a Valjoux 22. It features a huge (for the period) 40mm case, which appears largely untouched, with thick and sharp lugs. The dial is beautiful, and features a center telemeter scale AND a pulsations scale.

These anonymous, funky chronos are being snatched up by collectors fast – you can see the instagram pages of the most seasoned collectors all over Europe and Asia with these watches splattered all over the place. This is a fine example, worthy of any collector – new or old.

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