I’m a Buyer I’m a Seller

Welcome everyone to the relaunch of mentawatches.com! I appreciate all of your support and patience during this process; I’m really happy with the result, and I hope you are too!  Feel free to e-mail me with any comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc.

That being said, welcome to the newly-added blog area!  Few know the origins of Menta Watches – what started as a pipe dream burgeoned into a full-time passion and business for me, egged and pushed forward by various friends.  At the onset, I was hugely encouraged to open this business in a group-text chat with Isaac Wingold (@isaacwin) and Rob Wise (@wisewatch) – the rest is history.

So, it’s only fitting that Isaac take the stand, and write the first, real inaugural blog post.  See below for his write-up on one of his favorite vintage chronographs – the Longines 30CH.

I wanted to include this section of the site to be used by everyone.  In this section, we will include articles, watch reviews, stories, videos, and more, all of it user-produced!

Just got an awesome new Gallet and want to review it? Type it up and send us your thoughts! Pissed off with the new SIHH releases (which literally never happens, I know)? Tell us about it!

If you want to contribute, simply send me an e-mail with your ideas or entry.

I’m looking forward to growing this space with all of you together, and making it a fun place to visit!


Adam Golden, Founder of Menta Watches