Tudor “Navy Provenance 7016” Submariner


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Offered here is a rare and historically important Tudor Submariner, Reference 7016/0, circa 1968.  This reference is a direct transition from the reference 7928, which had one year of overlap in 1968 when both references used this same rare “Small Rose” dial variant.  However, what makes this example stand out from the rest is the engraving on the outside of the caseback, which reads “TO LCDR FUNSTON. FROM WARDROOM NAVEODFAC.” The NAVEODFAC stands for the Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal Facility, who were trained and responsible for the rendering safe of all types of ordinances, such as chemical, biological, nuclear, etc.  LCDR William Funston was an Executive Naval Officer of the USS William R. Rush during the 1960s, and was given this watch in appreciation of his service by the wardroom (I.e., the naval officers) of the NAVEODFAC division amongst the ship.

The watch itself has remained in absurdly incredible condition over the years, seemingly barely worn.  The case is unpolished and extremely sharp, with perfect and huge bevels.  The dial is immaculate, with not a scratch in site (any blemishes in the photo are from the crystal – which is the crystal, and was polished to remove scratches).  Likewise, the original lume is still present in both dial and hands, excellently preserved, with only a tiny chip to the minute hand.  Finally, even the original Rolex C&I Rivet bracelet, dated to 1970, remains very tight, with no stretch, and has 11 full links.

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