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Universal Geneve Aero Compax Chronograph


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The Aero-Compax was a special watch: it was a true, 24-hour chronograph made for pilots. Made in the 1960s, UG wrote that “[t]he 24 Hour Compax, created in 1969 by Universal Geneve was an instant success with pilots thanks to its unique system that allowed users to read time in a second time zone based on the distance travelled.” Powered by a Venus 178 movement, this watch resembles many of the popular Breitling aviator watches; in fact, many opine that the case was MADE by Breitling (although not confirmed for sure).

The example we offer today is in great vintage condition. The dial has minimal flaws, and the case has thick and even lugs. The bezels on these watches are usually faded and scratched up, while this one is in great shape. These are becoming not only harder to find, but up and up in value. Grab yours, and add a rare and desirable watch from one of the hottest brands on the planet to your collection!

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