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Rolex Daytona “Azuli” 6262


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ItÕs late at night, the computer monitor is dimmed, youÕre constantly looking behind your back, and your browsing history is filled with listings for vintage DaytonaÕs. WeÕve all been there, and weÕll be there again. ThereÕs nothing to be ashamed of, this is perfectly acceptable, seeing as the Daytona is easily one of the greatest sports watches of all time. Iconic lines, documented ownership by notable historical figures, greatly functional, aesthetically versatile, the list goes on and on. ItÕs just that good.

As the name would suggest, this chronograph equipped tool watch from Rolex was originally introduced in its most well known form with drivers in mind, and they surely took to it just as the Wilsdorf empire had planned. The 36mm Daytona was offered in many different references over its lifespan, each one more intriguing than the next, and while the design did evolve over time, the same DNA is still present to this day in the brandÕs modern offerings. This of course makes vintage examples even more desirable to collectors today.

Go on, pull the trigger already. ThereÕs no other watch thatÕll fully scratch the eternal itch that the Daytona creates, and you damn well know it.

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