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Patek Philippe “3417 Steel” Amagnetic


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Up for grabs is a very special and rare Patek Philippe Amagnetic time-only watch, the Reference 3417, which was produced by Patek for roughly 10 years (between 1958-1968), and only available in stainless steel.  Amagnetic watches were produced by various makers in order to withstand magnetic fields while used during commercial, industrial, scientific, medical, etc., operations, where magnetism could be a problem.  This particular example has a “first series” dial, most notably discerned by the oversized seconds register at the bottom, which was later made smaller (in addition to longer hour markers and other subtle differences).  This example has been confirmed by Patek as all matching, and an Extract from the Archives has been ordered, and will be available to the buyer.

The condition of this Patek Philippe Amagnetic is beautiful and unique, showing an unpolished (albeit worn and used, as intended) case, and a lovely unrestored and evenly aged/patinated dial, giving it a warm cream/yellow color.  This watch comes to us from the daughter of the original owner out of South America, who told us that she remembers her father wearing this watch almost daily growing up, and stopped wearing it as his health deteriorated so many years ago, where it was placed safely in a drawer for years.

Finally, the watch has been fitted on a steel, stretch rivet “Gay Freres” bracelet, dated to 1963, which is in good condition, with no stretch.

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