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Juvenia 24-hour


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Juvenia was founded in 1860 by Jacques Didisheim-Goldschmidt in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. In the 1880s, Juvenia produced one of the first ladies wristwatches. In 1914, Juvenia manufactured, at the time, the smallest movement constructed on a single level.

Juvenia is known for its extraordinary, avant-garde, case designs, unusual time indications and architectural inspiration. (Thanks Wikipedia!)

Listen, I don’t know much about this watch. What I do know, is that when I saw it, I gravitated towards it. It is in excellent condition, and features an automatic “day/night” 24-hour dial. The dial is split into two colors: white for the daytime hours, and grey for the nighttime hours. So very cool. Coupled with applied markers and a sharp case, you cannot go wrong for your money. A truly unique watch.

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