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Chronograph Suisse 1960s Chronograph


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With the usual suspects of horological journalism constantly reminding us of the skyrocketing prices of important vintage watches, along with the often awe-inspiring results of highly anticipated auctions, itÕs easy to forget that interesting vintage pieces can still be had at affordable prices. Although such purchases might take a bit of research, and a little asking around, they are out there. Best of all, watches from some of these sleeper brands can even potentially become the Ònext big thingÓ, and as of late itÕs not all that uncommon.

Chronographe Suisse is just one of these now long gone manufacturers, that produced some rather beautiful watches back in the day. As one could probably guess, the brand solely produced chronographs, and they were some quite striking ones at that. For the money, you really canÕt argue with the value that they present, and neither can we. No nonsense, easy on the wallet (and the eyes), and oozing vintage cool. What more could you want?

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