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Anonymous “Breguet” Chronograph


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There’s not much to say about this one, other than “wow”. OK, that’s not entirely true: there’s a lot that can be said about this watch. It is a 40mm monopusher chronograph, housed in a steel case, circa 1930-1940s, which means it was HUGE for the era. On top of that, it features an inner-telemeter scale dial, breguet hands and numerals! If we want to keep going, it has a truly unique movement. After consulting many experts in the field, not one can exactly pinpoint which calibre/movement it uses, but it borrows features from old Eberhard and Landeron-Han movements.

The watch itself is in stunning condition. The white dial has aged to a light cream patina color, and is largely free of blemishes. The blued breguet hands are in excellent shape. The case appears unpolished.

The rarity and condition of this piece makes it a unique and amazing addition to any collection!

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