Rolex “Tropical OCC” GMT-Master

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Offered here is a very rare and extraordinarily beautiful Rolex GMT-Master, circa 1960.  This early GMT-Master is fitted with a rare gilt dial, with an uncommon and rare “OCC”, or “Officially Certified Chronometer” dial, which was the first dial variant used on the PCG (Pointed Crown Guards) GMT-Masters following the Reference 6542 (the very first reference GMT-Master).  As stated earlier, this dial was fitted in what is known as a “pointed crown guards” case, used sporadically in early Rolex sports models.  The cases can be identified by their short, pointed and thin crown guards, later rounded out and made thicker by Rolex.

According to the extremely informative GMTMaster1675 Website, “The first dials of the 1675 retain the “Officially Certified / Chronometer” (OCC) text of the 6542 dial. This difference stems from the transitional nature of these early examples. The OCC texts signifies that the movement underneath is not the 1565 calibre seen on all later 1675 models but houses the earlier 1535 (itself somewhat of a transition from the 10xx to 15xx calibre movements) without the microstella adjustment. As this is a transitional period, OCC dials have been seen with the newer 1565 movements (marked 1560, which is the base calibre). After these dials, all subsequent 1675 iterations are printed with Rolex’s then new “Superlative Chronometer / Officially Certified” moniker.”

This early GMT-Master is in great vintage condition.  The case is unpolished, with incredibly sharp lugs and clearly defined original beveled edges. The dial is still glossy and very attractive, with some cracking/spidering to the original lacquer, common for these early gilt dials; more importantly, the dial has aged to an attractive golden brown “tropical” color. The original radium lume is present on both dial and hands, aged to a golden yellow.  The original “fat font” bezel is in beautiful condition, aged to an incredible faded blue and pink color.

The watch comes fitted on a rare Rolex signed Gay Freres Oyster 7206 rivet bracelet, with 80 endlinks, dated to 1965, and has 12 full links with no stretch.

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