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Rolex “6204” Submariner


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Up for grabs we have something very special – the very first reference Rolex Submariner, reference 6204, which Rolex introduced in 1953.  The reference 6204 was produced only for a short, one-year period, before they transitioned to the next iteration reference 6205.  The earliest 6204 Submariners are discernible by its lack of depth rating, with simply the word “Submariner” printed at the bottom.  This particular Rolex Submariner happens to be in incredible condition, one of the best we have ever seen (or know to exist).  Originally sourced from the family of the original owner out of Argentina, this watch has remained in the hands of a major collector from France for several years, and is the first time it is being publicly offered for sale.  In terms of condition, as previously stated, the watch is beautiful.  First, the case remains unpolished and sharp, with beautiful original beveled edges; the watch also retains its original and early “no-hash” bezel insert, wonderfully preserved.  Next, the original gilt dial remains beautifully preserved, with no visible damage, marks or scratches.  Additionally, the watch retains its original radium lume on both dial and hands, aged to a lovely dark yellow color. Finally, the watch yet remains on its original Rolex Swiss stretch-rivet bracelet, dated to 1954 and with correct 65 endlinks, likewise in exceptional condition, with 11 full links and no stretch.

This very early first iteration Rolex Submariner is a true treasure, and would be a marquee watch in any collection.  If you are in the market for a very special Sub, it is hard to think of many that are more important and also so well-preserved!

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Cal. A260


Stainless Steel






Rolex Submariner, Ref. 6204