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Universal Geneve “Cloissone” Watch


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For centuries, enamel was a favorite means of decorating the cases of high-quality watches. In the early 20th century the extremely time consuming and demanding process necessary in the creation of these artistic objects was only practiced by a handful of highly skilled craftsmen. In the 1940’s the specialty technique of cloisonné enamel was revived, most notably by the Stern Frères Company. The example presented here was produced by Universal Geneve in the late 1940s, and is exceptional in its artistry, subject matter, detail and brilliant use of color.  This dial depicts St. George, patron of England, on horseback, battling a dragon.  The watch was painted using different hues of red, orange, brown, and yellow, which appear to change tone depending on the lighting and angle in which it is viewed.  Further, the condition of this rare Universal Geneve watch is great.  The case has been lightly polished, but shows thick and even lugs, and still retaining the reference and serial numbers on the back of the caseback.  The dial is beautiful, with no visible wear or damage, and is very well-preserved.

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