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Rolex “6150” Explorer



Up for grabs is one of the the very first Rolex “Explorer” (of the actual Explorer line with black dials) made by Rolex in 1953, developed to in celebration of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzig Norgay ascents up Mount Everest.  This particular 6150 features a rare dial variant, showing “Explorer” printed on the dial (as opposed to most, which read “Precision”).  These are considered one of, if not the most collectible of the Explorers. Further, the condition of this early Explorer is great and very well-preserved for its age. The case does not show any obvious signs of polishing, showing thick and even lugs, and if it was polished, it was done lightly.  The original gilt dial is very attractive, with light aging and patina consistent with age and the effects of the radium lume over the years.  Further, the watch retains its original radium lume on both dial and original mercedes hands (with big bubble seconds hand), aged to a nice warm yellow color.

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